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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Next Four Horsemen Are Upon Us

One, duh.

Two, God help us all.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tax Return to the West

Another friend has left on her flying wagon trail west--Andy's sister, Margaret, who likes drawing pictures of things that move, and thus needed to go to Hollywood.

Someday I'll make it out to L.A., where the taxes aren't so high, no matter how much they complain about a "sunshine tax" out there. Did you know Californians think there's a sunshine tax? That they pay extra for the chance to live in the eternal western sunset? Try paying extra for the overcast days and bad weather, including the lovable slush storm we had today.

Instead of having a tax, having a surcharge on your phone bill. Which, by the way, is taxable. And you Californians thought YOU had the creative people.

Oh, and good luck out there, Magz.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Nine out of Ten Agree!

Nine out of ten AIG executives agree: maybe becoming a pariah is a bad thing after all.

Those executives are giving back all their bonus money that they took from the government (you know, that government of the people, by the people, and paid for by the people). I think they hope we all forget their names (we don't know them), and they'll be able to live normal lives again (with the millions they made BEFORE the general public started balancing their checkbooks).

Only one AIG executive has held out, who apparently has already used this bonus to buy some rocky real estate on Mars. Congratulations, AIG Exec #10, on being the first dickhead to travel to another planet! The alien microbes would prefer you go away and leave their stuff alone, though.

(And again, I'm sure this'll remind all my readers to pay their taxes/bailouts by April 15th.)


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Another Friendly Reminder to Pay Your Bailouts/Taxes

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Madness Overtakes Us All in March... 2009!

March Madness is kicking off, and everyone keeps yelling at me that I need to pick some teams and bet a few peanuts on them. Well, I know next to nothing about college basketball--I actively choose to ignore it--so when Andy pesters me enough, I have to go with my standard betting practice--alphabetical picks.

It works on horses, it works on baseball, and it damn well works stuff I don't care about, like basketball. So here she is. And the way the alphabet system works, my Final Four will be Akron, American, Arizona, and BYU.

Andy picked Oklahoma, Memphis, Michigan St. (really), and Pittsburgh. But that does not compare: Akron is unbeatable.

EDITORIAL NOTE: As of bracket creation time, Louisville did not have an opponent (see that garbled #1 Seed in the Midwest bracket? That's Louisville)... they were instead called "Play-In Winner." So while an Alabama St. victory over Morehead St. would change the entire demographic of the Midwest bracket, but (1) Akron would still win, and (2) the school that wins is now officially renamed "Play-In Winner."


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WETA: Stop and Make The Hobbit, Please

Somehow, the magic of the movies is just weird.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Irish Day!

So, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I will pick ONE Irish story off of BBC, and I will connect it to the holiday. One story, one connection, and I promise it will have nothing to do with explosions. How can I do that, when I'm randomizing this? Easy: I lie about where my finger lands.

Okay, so let's find a random story...

Pointing... clicking...


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Childhood Name Goes Thppbth

The Sears Tower is becoming the Willis Tower, and spare me the Gary Coleman reference.

Chicago's iconic landmark is losing its iconic name in iconic fashion: corporate leasers are just giving it away. I mean, giving it away makes sense; Sears hasn't paid for the name in years and moved out of the skyscraper long ago.

But now a British group gets to rename it Willie! Big Willie! Which is probably the only acceptable way to refer to the new old structure, at least in the Eaglie book. I like diminutives, can you tell?

Of course, I still can't abide. Which is why I propose this plan: rename it ourselves. No, not for Sears, as they don't deserve the free publicity. No, I say we rename it... the Cirrus Tower.

Yes, the Cirrus Tower. After the clouds. As a hatchling, I thought that really was the name. It made sense, especially after science class.

And that's "Sear-us." Sounds almost the name as "Sears," right? And in Chicago, we all over-pronounce our ending "S" sounds. We can't keep giving Sears free publicity, even if that is a Chicago staple of the way to do things, but at least we can let our memories and tongues rest at ease knowing we don't have something knew to say.

How do we obtain the naming rights? This will require extensive Facebook campaigning, Twittering, and winning the lottery.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dutch Won a Baseball Game?

Apparently the Netherlands has won several baseball games in the World Baseball Classic without anyone noticing. Something about those splintering cleats...

In another surprise outcome, the US has won most of its bracket, even without a bullpen. Or pitching staff. Or outfield, infield, and hitting coaches. (They all play for the Caribbean.)


Stalin Versus the Martians Returns!

I haven't been keeping up with gaming lately. People know this, because mostly I play Spider Solitaire right now. However, there was a game mentioned a few years back on this blog. I thought I'd heard the last. But apparently, the former Soviet republic-based studio knows EXACTLY how Westerners think:

At about three seconds in, I lost my train of thought.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perusing Amazon for Material

Originally, this book was priced for the Kindle at... "41x10^3 dollars." Do the math.

Thus, for posterity, we post this recommendation, titled "Completely worth it.," by Theodore Gage "FStopDigital":

"I refinanced my house twice, sold my daughter into white slavery and took several jobs as a medical guinea pig to afford this book. If I told you even a tenth of what I have learned so far from it, your brain would literally dissolve. I have since learned the secrets of telekinesis, complete appetite control, and the ability to breathe underwater. Highly recommended."

Rejoice! There's reason to buy a Kindle 2! This book is down to $42.36!

(From rtdj23.)


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Farting Is Funny, Even in the Animal World

This is definitely cooler than that cyanide slug.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" Is a Good Post Title, Right?

If only I could make the midnight showing, but alas: I'll see this thing by tomorrow.

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Chicago Burdman on Tour

Keep up on the conversation and Twitter-spam Friend of the Blog Chicago Burdman a bit while he travels to Appalachia!

Doesn't a trip to Appalachia sound familiar to anyone?

(I still need to find a new host for that damn Kentucky journal, don't I?)


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Supporting Andy in All He Maps

Here's his first post, about a horse. And his second, about a cactus.

Rand McNally is definitely working Andy to the bone, and I've been locked out of his computer. If anyone can hack his Dell's password, I'd like to meet you at the coffeehouse of your choice, and the indescript briefcase of your will. But I'll be posting a lot on Twitter with Andy's phone, which I hid pretty easy while he was sleeping.

But I do have a few new pieces up my sleeve once I crack he gives me his password.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

With a New Phone Comes Blurry Pictures for You Guys

And I would upload an MP3 of "Still Alive" from the Jon Coulton concert last night, but I definitely didn't record anything there.