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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Someone Left the Cake out in the Rain

The House was called for the GOP a while ago. The Senate is leaning Democratic, but barely. The GOP is probably going to take a few extra governors' mansions and get to gerrymander to their hearts' content. And our cake was ruined.

But I need to say about this situation: it looks bad for sure. All our plans seem ruined. Dinner, certainly. But it's nothing to worry about.

There is an equal chance to ruin and satisfy on a day like this. When the smoke clears, we just have to deal with the situation we're in. Some people even like burnt cake. For the next two years, they get to have their way and eat it, too. But I get my way sometimes. So I don't worry.


The Witchblade Has Been Lost

This is really old news: in fact, this is really old news for the 24-hour news cycle: in fact, this is older than old because there was no chance in hell she'd win: Christine O'Donnell lost her race in Delaware, giving the Democrats something to crack a smile over.



CNN called Kentucky for Rand Paul. Indiana was called for Coats. Let the pity party start for Democrats.

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It feels weird to be disenfranchised and for it to be one's own fault.

I checked three weeks ago for policy on Illinois absentee ballots. The deadline was gone and dead.

No, the Internet can't solve my problems either. Instead, I went back to doing the other parts of my civic duty: the rest of my undemocratic life. But sadly, I won't get to vote in an election I've been urging people to vote in. The most important election of 2010.

There's a lack of control in my life today. I feel the need to sit on a couch and tell people that I'm at the mercy of all too many crazies.

But I don't worry. I don't despair. Andy and I are going to go bake a cake.




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