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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wake Me Up When September 11th Turns 20

"Ten years ago" is a sorry way to lead a post on Sept. 11th, 2011. It would've had impact nine years ago. Not today.

The time I'm writing this, late on 09/11/11, I have heard "Empire State of Mind" far more than is comfortable, thanks to a Spike Lee commercial. I saw soldiers, Clydesdales, and a lot of small children attempt to warm the cockles of my heart. Some moments did, some didn't.

Simon Garfunkel was fine.

Questions remain ten years later. For example, at the WTC site memorial, how clogged with pennies will those twin reflecting pools get? And real questions like: where does our nation go from here? Where does Eaglie go from here?

I've said it before: Eaglie was forged that day of watching CNN on the crappy televisions in the school dining hall. The admin office gasping. Senor Kennedy crying. The F-16 patrol around the Chicago skyline shadowing us. Mr. Stonich teaching. And you'd have to know Mr. Stonich to know EXACTLY what that means.

More than any other event, the explosions shaped this character of mine. So I take this selfish moment to ask that question: where DOES Eaglie go from here? Maybe the next few months will tell. I AM working my mojo in a tech class.

On that ambiguous note, here's an archive of my September 11th posts (because you ever so wanted it). Apparently I didn't have a post in 2003:

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Never Forget, Mate

Never forget.

Five years ago, Croc Hunter.