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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Still Alive This May Five...

You thought Eaglie and the Aviary was dead. (It's been since January since we've posted.) Well, we're not, which is more than I can say for some terrorists. We're more than alive. But things are moving fast: it's May 5th again, meaning it's the 8th anniversary of the beginning of this blog. The eggs of plans are coming up, I swear. I have billions of them to lay.

But, a word during this second post of 2011: nearly a decade ago, an idea began in the ash of a terrible September. A few months later, the chill of a December night created Eaglie. Two years later and Eaglie was blogging.

Eaglie was a high school student's product of a tragedy perpetrated by a terrible man with a beard. A teenager's image of a failing empire. A bird watcher's binocular view gone loony.

But maybe we aren't as bad off as we expected: democracy is in everyone's hearts and wings all these years later. As bin Laden gets a seaweed makeover, the Arab Spring continues to bloom and liberate peoples in the Middle East. And not to stand by and allow the Arabs all the credit, maybe America did usher in a new world order. Maybe the USA'll last long enough to see it! And maybe the Aviary helped!

Of course it did.

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