Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Are you single? Look no further!

Iraqi singles! Enjoy!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

"That's convenience... weed man every four blocks."

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Check out The Beast.

Feel free to discuss. I'm interested, but also not stating opinion otherwise.

More College Thoughts

Burdulis and Andy's going to White Castle was not nearly as much an adventure as Harold and Kumar's.

White Castle is a terrible terrible addiction. Lucky for us actually eating it is the cure.

Having a poster of Bluto/John Belushi is the only necessary decoration for a dormroom.

That, and a loud and tremendously annoying roommate-owned alarm clock.

My roommate and I have a filing cabinet. It's the corner where all the old newspapers are stacked.

One of the most beautiful songs in the world, as incredibly hard as it is to understand, even with lyrics in front of you, is Waltzing Matilda... mate.

Ever heard of Twinkie-flavored chapstick?

Disproving Dr. Miller, seeing ants salute you as you walk past would make me notice. I'd also think it was really cool.

Socrates, the big ol' intellectual bully, gives intellectual pants-ings and atomic wedgies. See Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito for proof.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Herald again the age of Doom, Quake, and Halo in our streets... for the assault rifle is legal again!

Go out and shoot your next-of-kin in celebration, everyone! Rapidly and repeatedly in the chest!


Friday, September 17, 2004

Musings of Nerds

B44Engine: you know Facebook?
EaglieHappyOne: Yes
EaglieHappyOne: Loyola's not in there
EaglieHappyOne: so far
B44Engine: there are people named Harry Potter and Hermione Granger on it
EaglieHappyOne: haha
EaglieHappyOne: well
EaglieHappyOne: of course people will screw with everything they can online
B44Engine: Hermione goes to Harvard, UVA, and Brown
EaglieHappyOne: Using the time turner

Thursday, September 16, 2004

From Netscape.com, for those who will want to be citizens of New York just to perform their civic duties after reading this:

Why It's OK to Be Drunk on Jury Duty

The integrity of the jury system may be the backbone of American justice, but it's apparently acceptable in New York City for a juror to be drunk on alcohol or high on marijuana or cocaine. Reuters reports that a New York judge said just that when she refused to set aside the verdict on a retired city firefighter who was convicted of stealing souvenirs from Ground Zero.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Ellen Coin cited a 1987 Supreme Court ruling which stated that it is not considered an "outside influence" on jurors if they consume alcohol, smoke marijuana, snort cocaine, or fall asleep while on jury duty. That means the guilty verdict of petty larceny against Samuel Brandon, 61, stands even though a juror told Brandon he had been drinking during the deliberations. Brandon was accused of stealing personal items from the ruins of the World Trade Center. After learning about the drunk juror, he sought a new trial.

Although the judge did say that being drunk on jury duty was "reprehensible," she acknowledged there was little she could do about it given the Supreme Court ruling. "However severe their effect and improper their use, drugs or alcohol voluntarily ingested by a juror seem no more an 'outside influence' than a virus, poorly prepared food, or lack of sleep," the Supreme Court said in its decision. Brandon faces up to one year in jail at his Sept. 27 sentencing, notes Reuters.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More College Thoughts:

People in these clubs are too serious about their work.

My residence hall sucks (at least, the people not on my floor). Some random fuckers keep breaking the $150 light fixtures, and if they're not found out, the whole residence hall'll have to start paying for damages. 30 broken fixtures is the current count.

I'm averaging kills in Halo to the point that Sam seems to be wanting to team up.

Mystery meat is not just a grade school phenomenon. In fact, it gets worse.

Monday, September 13, 2004

I just want to see the occupation in Iraq end. I don't care about politics anymore. Honestly. Democrat, Republican, Independent, insane... all lines don't matter. 1000 people who call themselves part of one of the aforementioned groups have died... and another 60 were added today... well, yesterday. Just end the nightmare before Vietnam gets completely pushed into the background of history for another quagmire.


Saturday, September 11, 2004

Looks like a green light for Star Wars Episode 7, 8, and 9. Really.

George Lucas either is really intent on making his whole sweeping vision come true, or he's wearing out those lumberjack shirts faster than he can buy them.

I'll bet Osama's in Iraq, relaxing and having a good laugh. Why don't we bomb there? Oh, right. We did.


Thursday, September 09, 2004

College Life, Ignatian style:

iTunes is very very awesome. Welcome to escaping the No P2P sharing rule, and adding 80GB of music (I'm sorry... borrowing) to my computer.

My internet downloads now at 5-10MB per second regularly. That is insanity, for the computer illiterate of my readers.

I'm getting better and better at Halo... tells you how much I'm playing that I can surprise and kill my roommate (who plays a whole lot and kills me a whole lot) now. The fact that he still kills me about 15 more times than I kill him per game tells you how much more I'll be playing.

The Ignatians are sticking mostly together. It's nice. I actually prefer sticking with my own kind.

I heard Pennant is stalking Suzie and the rest of us Loyolan Ignatians.

Edwards has been essentially living on my campus.

My Irish Cream coffee tonight tasted exactly like the milk from my Lucky Charms this morning, only warmer.

I continue my campaign for Barack Obama, and especially against Alan Keyes...

Highlights of this campaign so far:

Keyes made the remarks at a news conference he called to attack the "ideological extremism" of his Democratic opponent, state Sen. Barack Obama.

Anyone remember any of Keyes's stances? That's right... Rabid pro-life, 2nd amendment man... unbelievably conservative in every possible way. Oh yes... speaking of the 2nd amendment:

"Have you ever been to Israel?" Keyes asked the reporter. "Because if you've ever been to Israel, you wouldn't ask that question. And in the midst of terrifying dangers, you walk around the streets of Israel and you see every other person carrying arms and Uzis and so forth and so on, and believe me, you do not feel less safe on that account."

Actually, if I saw someone with an Uzi walking down Sheridan, I'd feel a LOT less safe. Wouldn't any reasonable person?