Eaglie's Aviary

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Madness Overtakes Us All in March... 2009!

March Madness is kicking off, and everyone keeps yelling at me that I need to pick some teams and bet a few peanuts on them. Well, I know next to nothing about college basketball--I actively choose to ignore it--so when Andy pesters me enough, I have to go with my standard betting practice--alphabetical picks.

It works on horses, it works on baseball, and it damn well works stuff I don't care about, like basketball. So here she is. And the way the alphabet system works, my Final Four will be Akron, American, Arizona, and BYU.

Andy picked Oklahoma, Memphis, Michigan St. (really), and Pittsburgh. But that does not compare: Akron is unbeatable.

EDITORIAL NOTE: As of bracket creation time, Louisville did not have an opponent (see that garbled #1 Seed in the Midwest bracket? That's Louisville)... they were instead called "Play-In Winner." So while an Alabama St. victory over Morehead St. would change the entire demographic of the Midwest bracket, but (1) Akron would still win, and (2) the school that wins is now officially renamed "Play-In Winner."