Eaglie's Aviary

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Childhood Name Goes Thppbth

The Sears Tower is becoming the Willis Tower, and spare me the Gary Coleman reference.

Chicago's iconic landmark is losing its iconic name in iconic fashion: corporate leasers are just giving it away. I mean, giving it away makes sense; Sears hasn't paid for the name in years and moved out of the skyscraper long ago.

But now a British group gets to rename it Willie! Big Willie! Which is probably the only acceptable way to refer to the new old structure, at least in the Eaglie book. I like diminutives, can you tell?

Of course, I still can't abide. Which is why I propose this plan: rename it ourselves. No, not for Sears, as they don't deserve the free publicity. No, I say we rename it... the Cirrus Tower.

Yes, the Cirrus Tower. After the clouds. As a hatchling, I thought that really was the name. It made sense, especially after science class.

And that's "Sear-us." Sounds almost the name as "Sears," right? And in Chicago, we all over-pronounce our ending "S" sounds. We can't keep giving Sears free publicity, even if that is a Chicago staple of the way to do things, but at least we can let our memories and tongues rest at ease knowing we don't have something knew to say.

How do we obtain the naming rights? This will require extensive Facebook campaigning, Twittering, and winning the lottery.