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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End of All Ha' Potta' Kedavra

My first brush with Harry Potter began with someone shoving a copy of Goblet of Fire next to my face and shouting, "It's uncanny!" And I pretended I knew exactly what the book was and exactly who the boy on the cover was.

Years later, the Lord of the Rings Versus Harry Potter rivalry began. Movies and midnight releases galore. But I avoided the Boy Who Looked A Lot Like Me.

Then I let up for the release of Order of the Phoenix. I started with the first book. And the second book. And the third book the next day. By this point, Lord of the Rings was winning Oscars and there wasn't much of a comparison.

Then I got the final book on my 21st birthday. (True story. A good story, really.) I guess I've grown up with the series, and it all ends tonight with a movie, Part Two of Two. No more, despite what the stupid website implies. With all this nearly behind us, I figured I'd share some of the better stuff I've written at this blog (most in my compatriot character Eaglie's voice):

American Quidditch
The Political Allegory of the Minister of Magic
Will the World End?
After a Cookie-Fueled Marathon...
Harry Potter and the World's Imminent Collapse

I'll end with one of my pieces of investigative journalism, my visit to Oak Park's Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Release Party. Did you know that I wrote 5000 words about Harry Potter in that one week? I called it Ha' Potta' Kedavra Week.


We all swish & flick on.

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