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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hitting the Road in August--Boston, Here Eaglie Comes!

Andy and I are in the throes of moving, the most American of pastimes. What is more American than dangerously over-stuffing a minivan and swerving about the highways and byways of this great nation?

Moving allows you to:
  • Discover new places to be bigoted about.

  • Make one's way in the world only to discover the skyrocketing price of gas means you're going to have to "borrow" from the people still inside the Hardee's at the Oasis (bring a funnel and some Altoids).

  • Buy new IKEA furniture.

  • Do the necessary research on an apartment after you've signed the lease, just like a Senate Appropriations Committee.

  • Live in squalor and swear you won't next year, all the way up to the point that you lazily resign the same lease.

I should add an addendum: moving is the most American of pastimes only if the move is to another part of America, which is exactly where we're going. Boston.

We're going to Boston, where Andy will hit the books, get this website working, and get laid. Oh, and I should rediscover America instantly and feel inspired.

Until we're situated in our dingy new apartment with Internet/manage to steal Wi-Fi, I'll just be on Twitter. Follow @eaglie.

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