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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Odds on Chances of Catching Olympic Fever

We have less than three days until we find out if Chicago beats the form-fitting pants off of Rio, or vice versa (only less form-fitting). And Tokyo and Madrid... how are they still in it? And does anyone care? Do you know what that means? Fake odds-making time! And if you want real odds, here. (h/t Chicagoist)

Tokyo, Japan, is pushing their experience in hosting the Olympics. Experience--because they're the only city to host the Olympics. That's what entirety of Cleveland sports could say (back 40 years ago, when they cleaned up the joint), but it isn't bringing them a Super Bowl anytime soon.

Tokyo's odds? 40-1.

Madrid, Spain, no one remembers that you're even in the bid.

Madrid's odds? 800-1.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has among the best chances due to being the first Latin American country to give a serious bid. The downside is that most of the sponsorship will be from prostitution and cocaine rings, who are far more legitimate and concerned about employees' well-being than most corporations in South America.

Rio's odds? 4-1.

Chicago, USA, has pretty good odds, too.

Chicago's odds? 2-1.

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