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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Continuing Coverage of Senate Seat-gate

Blago, G-Rod, Yet-Another-Corrupt-Illinois-Governor, yes, you are restoring my faith in the politically corrupt process. People are ringing in and telling me my state is corrupt. People from places that have had mayors arrested. But that's bleeping peanuts in the Land of Lincoln and Capone. We now have the greatest political criminal of all time. It's like Abe and Al had a baby!

Two years ago I said, instead of bleeping re-electing Blago (along with electing Judy Barr Topinka), we might as well bleeping re-elect George Ryan (who still has a few bleeping years left in prison). But anyone expect a bleeping valuable U.S. Senate seat to be for sale? And for Blago himself to withhold funds from Children's Memorial to get more campaign contributions? Bleeping bleep, let's re-elect THAT guy!

And a blogger/commenter at Eric Zorn's "Change of Subject" blog has come up with a bleeping name for this all: Roddergate.

And, finally, if you really want it, here it is. All wrapped up for you.

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