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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Open Season for VoteNest 2008!

Change and maverick will has gotten us to this point. Election Day. And it's midnight of.

Throughout the day, I will post a little here, a little there. Due to being out in the big city and at several parties, it will be few and far between. Most likely, my later posts will appear... we'll see.

But you realize my efforts need a logo! In the making of the Aviary's new VoteNest, I first thought about my soft spot for my conservative audience. They have been so downtrodden the last five years, being kind of in power. But I figured I'd give them this one:

But Communism was just a red herring.

Then I remembered that my conservative audience doesn't exist. I did, however, have a concept for the artwork. I went off on a tangent with that and kept my silouhetted picture of me.

Then I played the race card.

I figured this concept was pretty controversial, so I just drew a pretty flower where my eye should be.

Color me teal.

I deemed this blogworthy, as did the editors. And Andy even liked it. And so, now, Eaglie's Aviary Presents: VoteNest 2008!

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