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Friday, November 14, 2008


206 votes is all that separates a comedian from the Senate seat in Minnesota, officially making the state a joke. What kind of joke, however, will depend on how Sen. Franken legislates. Will it be legislately HA-HA? Or Legislately HE-HE?

Yet let's not get ahead of ourselves (too late with the "HE HE" joke). Mr. Franken has LOST the seat as of right now. That's what those 206 votes mean. That's what "separates... from the Senate seat in Minnesota" means. 206 is a tiny number, when you think about it, but then you remember it is Minnesota. Even the entire population of Lake Wobegon couldn't rescue Franken, save a recount--which is exactly what's happening right now. A frozen Florida replay!

But thank the Lutheran God for Minnesota: without it, this election would have had such an anticlimatic, Deus Ex Machina ending, one so inspiring, orderly, and boring that none of us in the media (legitimate or not) would know what to do. Again, thank You for the humorous makeup of electoral laws. And don't forget to give us cynics back Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).

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i believe that every garrison keillor reference you make ages you ten years. (and every time garrison keillor sings, a fairy dies.)
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