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Monday, November 24, 2008

Enjoy Your Time on Unemployment

Well, I am unjobbed, as those close to me and Eaglie have heard. Eaglie seems like an unrelenting bastard. But like any reasonable eagle, he believes in putting his wings over those he loves. I'd like to thank him for his support.

And I'd like to thank friends, family, and coworkers for their thoughts and totally awesome friendships through all these years and months. One of the best parts of working at a publishing company has been the insane and OCD nerds that I've worked with, who were all so lovable to get drunk with the Friday after being laid off.

I know well enough when I take a step back that I'll bounce back easily. There are people worse off than me. Heck, I still have Internet, don't I? And who knows? Maybe that first unemployment check can pay for my Christmas list...or the new electric bill in the mail today.

Both Eaglie and I apologize for the very slow last two weeks. He and I will get producing new works, adventures, and sassiness again, don't you worry.

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