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Monday, October 27, 2008

Those Wisconsin People--Always So Politely Angry!

But didn't McCain just give up on Wisconsin?

Publisher Houghton Mifflin (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, for those keeping score) pulled a no-no by placing a few words from Sen. Barack Obama in a literature textbook. (He is, of course, almost a president, a problem for anyone in publishing, you see.)

My favorite part is the righteousness I picture in her voice when she says how much more interesting a story about the life of a POW in Vietnam would be than a community organizer from the South Side of Chicago. There are some who would... not ME, certainly... who would imply these were pretty comparable situations.

Because that would be mean and bigoted. And I would never imply such a thing, and would prefer you forget about those thoughts and think about happier things. Heroism... diversity... bombastic marches...

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"If teachers select the Obama excerpts, Priebus wants them to spend equal time discussing John McCain and his military career. 'The life of a prisoner of war and a real American hero is more interesting than the autobiography of a community organizer,' Priebus said."

So are we all going to gather 'round the bonfire, throw some magic dust into the flame, and listen to the elders sing rhymes to McCain and shake rainsticks?
Note: quote is from the Chicago Tribune article on the same thing.
Rhymes to McCain? How about, long may he reign? Or let me get my cane? Or to continue on your path, shaking sticks for rain? C'mon, Obama's much tougher, unless you count that banana-fana song.
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