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Friday, October 24, 2008

Blind, Ignorant, and Bitter to the MLB's Political Conscience?

We glance at the World Series, tied 1-1 between the Penn.-based, red-hatted Phillies versus the Floridian, blue-trimmed Rays. Seems like a tailored electoral metaphor. I mean, the next best thing this election cycle to an Arizona-White Sox World Series (which would've created a rash of Cubs-related killing sprees) is a World Series between two battleground states' teams. Why didn't I think of this before when I said how little anyone cared about these teams?

Maybe I was hurt, angry, and killing-spree prone. But at least Sen. Obama can look on the bright side: maybe he can sway a few votes and ride a few bandwagons into his respective polling booth, maybe creating an insurmountable lead by the 9th inning. Maybe Sen. McCain could turn it around by claiming Sen. Obama is just a fairweather fan of a politician. Maybe Philadelphia can end its championship agony, or Tampa Bay could end its misery of just being Tampa Bay. Either way, this is still going to be a pretty ignored metaphor.

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