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Friday, August 29, 2008


Sen. Barack Obama choose his running mate Sen. Joe Biden to make up for his weakness of inexperience, especially in foreign policy. Sen. John McCain seems to have chosen his running mate for HIS weakness: not having boobs.

Alaska governor Sarah Palin is now pretty much a lock as VP for the GOP. Smart move, Johnnie: she'll certainly pick up all the votes of women who think Obama is a chauvinist pig for blatantly and legitimately beating Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY, if you forgot) to the nomination.

If you think I'm being overly dry, you really don't understand the voters of this country. This is about to become the best, most inspiring, and most violent election of our lifetimes.

(My Labels category "Sin" has become very popular lately.)

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you make all these female hillary-hopefuls sound so illogical!

and in a sense, it is illogical for women to swarm to a whole different camp and a whole different platform because they're disappointed that hillary didn't get the nomination. personally, i don't fully comprehend it, but i think most if not all women can understand what it's like to see men, men, and more men in positions of power. and it's hard not to wonder how long that's going to continue. if we don't get a woman now, then when? of course we're illogical; we're desperate, abused, and pissed.

hillary was, of course, flawed, but she was also intelligent and driven. looking at hillary, women got to see that representation of themselves - not the anatomical shell of a woman, and "boobs," as you say, but a woman who's not in a fucking swimsuit or singing about kissing girls. it was a hopeful image, and now it's gone, and we're back to all men all the time now, and that kind of sucks.

i'm almost glad mccain picked a woman, even if it does better his chances of winning the election (and i agree with you that it does) because i am that desperate to see a woman on television who is acknowledged to be more than her t & a, you know?
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