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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention a Mile High and Too Freaking Long

I was about to fly to the Democratic Convention when I sat back down on my couch and flipped on Veronica Mars instead. Excellent mystery show, set in high school, on DVD to buy. From what I did see, the convention was a great kickoff into who Obama is, why he's running, and why he stole the answers last week to Neptune High's world history quiz. (Busted!)

The auditory device of the night was the parallel to the Kennedy family, and Barack's full-blown Martha's Vineyard picture was painted. Nearly everyone that night noted and renoted the senator's similarities to JFK and to Ted Kennedy.

Barack's wife did it as she was speaking, along with another hot mama and politician (who I believe broke the mold, that vixen). Teddy Kennedy, not among the hot mamas speaking, still spoke to much applause for his defiance of his life-threatening and crippling disease.

Not much else happened, so we'll just have to continue to watch the delegates dance and cheer and wave for their heroes. Maybe Johnnie Kennedy will will himself back on that Democratic stage, to show us how to come back from the dead for just one more rowsing speech.



i still can't believe they played "isn't she lovely" at the end of michelle obama's speech. so degrading. i gagged a little.

i'm actually netflixing the first season veronica mars right now! i'm halfway through it and really enjoying it.
oh, and i wasn't done ranting. add to that obama's "and you looked cute!" the fuck was that?
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