Eaglie's Aviary

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vote Your Local Hottie into Office!

Obviously I'm not talking about Sen. Hillary Clinton. Yes, she's local to me (she's from a nearby suburb). And she's running for office (you knew that). But the one qualifier she is missing is "hottie." Sen. Obama is more effeminate.

But a different hottie COULD run for office, and Illinois calls her attorney general, Lisa Madigan. Yeah, Lisa. You HELP that old lady. Oooo, keep doing it. And that cop! OH, GOD!

Currently, Illinois is run by a man who proved a single post-it note could run a transportation system better. Now the drums of electoral war sound against this really unpopular weeny of a governor (meet him in person and you'll understand this is all an understatement). Illinoisans want something better. How about a Bettie? Who isn't named Bettie?

This state has sent a few governors to jail in the past 100 years. All white guys. Why not send one to women's prison this time? No, I'm joking: Lisa's not a bad girl. But I bet she could be.

I am drumming up support and encouragement for this fine lady of integrity. She needs it, as we need her running, raising the state back up from all the criminal trials of the government, and uniting the protest vote in the Democratic Party of Illinois...

And, yes, you were waiting for it: I'll unite HER protest vote!

Please, vote Lisa for Governor in 2010.