Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dave's Back from the Olympics

But I'm still covering it, from a city in possible Olympic contention (almost as good as Beijing)! A point for me! So... uh... where to start...

The Chinese won a heart-pounding match in gymnastics through questionable tiebreaking system, reigniting a lot of the old prejudices of American railroad tycoons and California prospectors.

The US Dream Team, known as the Redeem Team by self-congratulatingly clever newsmen, pounded Spain and Germany in recent matches, making the rest of the world forget all about those powerhouse Spanish and German basketball players.

The rest of the world (and I) also neglected to notice Spain won the world basketball championships a year ago. Spain was not surprised by any means.

Currently (and probably until the end of the Olympics), China has earned more gold medals than the US. In retaliation, Michael Phelps is being installed in Poland.

(Special note: I made a bet with Andy that I could fit in two references to California prospectors in one week. I made $10 plus his first gold medal if he wins one in anything. Good deal!)