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Friday, July 18, 2008

Weak (sp?) Roundup #1

Due to my inactivity in writing, I have decided to round up the big news from the week. This will be a new segment, that will continue to have its name changed until I find something less tacky, stupid, and, well, weak and punny.
  • The Chicago Transit Authority managed to one-up itself on its treatment of the human breed of cattle. This week they tested train cars with the seats removed to make run to stuff more people in the El during rush hour. Somehow, I don't think there are enough German immigrants to be conductors and guards.

  • In malted beverage news, InBev, the Belgium brewer of Stella Artois, a beer known for looking too French for its own good, bought out the American classic company Anheuser-Busch. Next Superbowl, look for the commercials to go the absurdist cinema route.

    Me, Andy, and our roommates are keeping the old Budweiser bottles, since they're from a bygone age as of three days ago. The roommates are contemplating what our new cheap beer of choice will be. They chose Coors, which I hit them over the head for, since Coors sucks and is also still merged with Miller, making it stupid to switch if you're trying to buy American. My vote was Old Style, of course, since I pick Old Style anyway for my Cubs AND it's still purely American. Yes, that stuff smells terrible, even by beer standards, but for some reason, I still like it. It's not great, but in a chilled glass on a summer day, the cans dry up quick, just like with Bud or Miller. Coors can go to hell, though I've heard Colorado is worse.

  • The Dark Knight is dark, sadistic, sinister, cynical, fun, and exactly like me in those ways. Mind-bogglingly so. Me and Andy will probably be raving about it for the next few days. Actually, count on that, hint hint.

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