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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Indiana Again A Real Dump

So, can we please NOW bomb our neighbors to the east? Indiana deserves it at this point.

After my thrilling expose in August and a whole lot of help from boycott/death threats, BP decided not to use the permit it was granted by Indiana to dump a whole lot more chemicals into Lake Michigan.

Now it's US Steel's turn for a-lashin'.

The Chicago Tribune has reported the last few days that Indiana is at it again, giving US Steel a huge break with its permits. The level of dumping would raise in one of the most polluted rivers leading into one of the most polluted lakes in one of the most polluted states in one of the most polluted countries in one of the most polluted worlds ever?

That sentence makes me a proud neighbor.

However, this time the EPA stood up to the plate and succeeded in getting the proposals blocked... until further review!

Indiana feels they have the right to continually pound a laundry list of pollutants into the Great Lakes. The list includes various toxins, poisons, corrosive cleaners, and very few vitamins (to be fair, there are a few of those).

At this point, I think we have to forget about the companies and just boycott the state of Indiana.

(You will, as always, need a Tribune account or subscription. Also, get an Aviary subscription while you're at it. I could use the money to eat.)