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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Day Without Cats: The Battle for the Soul of Teh Internetz

"It's 9/9/9. September has 9 letters, Wednesday has 9 and its the 252 day of the year added equal 9." --@MarketTraders

Why is today so important? There's that first statement from some crackpot on Twitter. There are also some who say the gods decreed that cats will have a day off on their most sacred numbered day--9/9/09. Nine lives. Whether these gods were Egyptian, Etruscan, or Catholic, I do not know. We'll say probably all of them. Most religions have pretty similar stories, don't they?

I would have ignored the signs. I might have been Jonahesque. Then I saw this video:

So while I do not normally post pictures of cats, and I hardly email them, I will support Urlesque and their cult. No cats today. At all. I have one rule: this eagle does not commit hubris.

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