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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Woods of Dusinane Will Fuck You Up

I wish Earth Day and Talk Like Shakespeare Day fell on the same day...

Zoo Keeper: Forsooth! Creatures, be awake! Tis a day for Mother Earth! Thou should be glad!
Bearvolio: Hath thou no heart? I was slumbering!
Meerkutio: Ah, I see Queen Mab hath visited you!
Bearvolio: Duh!
Zoo Keeper: Wake up, all of the world's birds, bees, and crawling things! Feeding time!
Lady Water MacCasin: Do not act like a woman, dear Zoo Keeper! Bring it here! Let me suckle upon that frozen rat!
Zoo Keeper: Here you go! Now, how is our brooding pig prince?
Hamlet: Why was I born with such a name? Tis a such a stupid one-liner. A bad dream, for true.
Meerkutio: I shall say, a pox of a name on you.
Bearvolio: (slumbers, Stage Left)
Zoo Keeper: Lady! Are you feeding well today upon your rat bucket?
Lady Water MacCasin: Out, out, damned boot! Do not step on me!
Meerkutio: Lady, you might be visited by...
Bearvolio: Shall I wonder if it's Queen Mab again?
Zoo Keeper: Look, ho! I am no zoo keeper! I am the Duke, and you shall all be married...

You know, something like that, but in more iambic pentameter. Talk to you lords and ladies tomorrow!

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