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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyone Goes West

He's flying the coop... heading west like Fievel, they say (more like how I say). Friend of the Blog and Andy, Chris Edwards, is going to be a star. At least that's what he says. And Andy. And, begum, I believe it when those two finally agree on something.

Just kidding, you two. Californie-way's a good fit for a man like Chris. Even a whole family of Chrises (not that I'm implying anything about his personal life). Andy promises me we'll go that way someday, too. He promises it'll be a better life, but I'd go only t'sitesee and spit on a few stars (not just the ones in the sidewalk, I mean).

Californie-way calls to the best a' us in ev'ry gen'ration. An' there ain't many better. Congrats an' enjoy it, Chris. Maybe me and Andy'll join ya. For a better life, down tha' dusty road an' away from tha'dusty bowl.

(Pack 'er up an' move fer Manifest Dest'ny, righ', Andy? An' don' worry: there ain't no spacific accent I were intendin'... Southern? Steinbeckian? West Side?)

("Spacific" pun intended.)

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