Eaglie's Aviary

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Into the Sunset" as the BBC Called It

Fresh off of becoming the only four-time winner of the Four Horsemen Aviary awards, President George W. Bush held his last press conference just as the sun was rising today. The BBC likened it to being a cowboy, as the British tend to do to Americans, even Yale-educated ones.

He was asked about the "burden of office," and he said it wasn't that much of a burden... sure it's soul-crushingly hard to be a president constantly watching approval ratings drop amid crises and recessions...

He heaped praise and well wishes on President-elect Barack Obama, especially his family. Then he went through questions that were giving me and him horrible flashbacks. It was a recap of his ENTIRE TIME IN OFFICE. Bailouts, the Credit Crisis, Katrina, Reelection, Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11, Day One. Boomboomboom, in an hour or so. It was an efficient history lesson.

In the end, his most important point was that history will vindicate him, but he didn't say that with tons of conviction. It was very humble defiance.

And Mr. Bush plans to write a book. I hope he illustrates it as well. (Remember, my no-jokes-about Dubbya Double-U Amendment hasn't gone into effect yet.)