Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Day to Be a Bird

It's a good day to be a bird in football: three of the four teams left in the NFL playoffs are the Ravens, Eagles, and Cardinals. All three were supposed to lose in the first round or not even make it, and now, at least one of the teams will make the Super Bowl!

One might expect me to root for the Eagles, but that is very untrue. I usually base my picks on the city each team is from, and Philadelphia (a terrible sports town--not for the quality of the fans but for the quality of their teams) has recently become much BETTER quality. SO much better, in fact, that they need to crash and burn. No city, especially places like Boston and Philadelphia, should win more than one major sports championship in a year. Baseball's Phillies already took the World Series: they absolutely cannot win the Super Bowl (I doubt the Phillies could win a football game anyway).

Of course, it's never a good day to be a Blagojevich, as we found out Friday. He probably needs to pick up a new defensive coordinator in the offseason.