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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Europeans, So Easy to Troll

The continent of Europe got trolled! Czech artist David Cerny, to commemorate the rise of his home to the EU presidency, was commissioned to create a piece called Entropa with 26 other artists, one from each European nation. Like any good poor satirist, he decided to forget the money and make a whole lot of funny entries with his friends, including a Dracula theme park in Romania and an IKEA box in Sweden. Ah, kindred spirits...

Britain and France are currently my favorites, and here: Wikipedia is hard at work for us Americans, documenting this historical event with a list of the nations.

The main message I get is, I want to see this. Please, Europe, don't burn this. Keep it, and put it on display.

(From Troll Watchdog, Pacman.)

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