Eaglie's Aviary

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seven Eves 'Til Christmas

Snow hit Chicago in a big way a few days ago, and it's just gonna keep coming, so I hear from the Chicagoist and my boy Skilling.

So here I am, ruffling my feathers in front of a Pentium IV for warmth, debating various horsemen (and women) of the year as well as what to put on my Christmas cards (macaroni or rigatoni?). Andy's off doing Andy stuff--probably eating Frito's Honey Barbecue Twists. Corporations are throwing contracts in roaring fireplaces, and the courts are keeping themselves warm by keeping themselves busy protecting our current favorite Illinois governor.

But I have my computer and Sinatra and Cash Christmas CDs playing. I have warm coffee (not civet puke), and I have Christmas shopping and cards to do... which I sincerely enjoy doing. Something about writing by hand still thrills me. And Andy gave me the bottom half of the chips bag, so it does feel like the holidays--even if there's plenty of badness in the world as of late. Now, to watch the Muppets.