Eaglie's Aviary

Monday, December 15, 2008

Illinois Has It Bad

Stewart. Colbert. SNL. CNN. All of them are getting in their digs at Mr. Blago, who still plans to fight on. And here we Illinoisans stand with a president-elect and a winning football team on the brink of the playoffs. We should be celebrating! But that's exactly it: we're having SUCCESS! We're the ones with the president and the empty golden senate seat! We're the ones with the clout and the valuables! And the booming liquor industry in the midst of an economic collapse (no surprise there)! And no one likes the Heartland to have success, especially special prosecutors.

I mean, when you have a good thing in bad times, even if it's an illegal and immoral thing, can you blame a person or institution for abuse of power? Really?

Also, dimming the lights for a moment: I'm watching the Illinois Supreme Court proceedings for you, baby.