Eaglie's Aviary

Monday, December 29, 2008

Even with the Crushing Unofficial Recession

At least one famous online retailer is racking up great numbers! Yes, even as retailers are reporting their worst numbers in years, Amazon sold a LOT of books--

Whoa, they sell stuff OTHER than books now? Like VHS tapes?

They apparently are leading the charge into the online-only marketplace we're heading toward, with HTML strike-outs and red font for every tag! Someday, we won't even need five-story parking garages. We'll just need five-story mailboxes.

It might be a sad reflection on society's changes in the digital age. The economy crumbling just seems to be sending us deeper into those changes. I, for one, will miss my Stretch-A-Dollar Market. It felt so freeing to drive there, browse stuff, break it, and drop it back onto those stainless-steel basket-shelves.

I always did all my Christmas browsing, breaking, and dropping back there.

(Link spotted on The Escapist.)