Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voted Already

Oh, say can you see?

God, since when was there a line at the old Park District building? However, we survived it, and, thanks to certain friendly voting agencies, me and Andy have cast our ballots for America's future.

As with 2006, my precinct used a connect-the-dots approach. Gone are the days of punchcards ("I punched Ross Perot!"): we used a black felt-tip marker to connect one end of an arrow to a point, aimed at a candidate of our choice or judge we wished to retain, for some arcane reason.

The examples of how to use this pen were "Frank Sinatra" and "Ray Charles." I doubt this, but a few are saying Ray might be a spoiler in this election. Ol' Blue Eyes would get the tough-on-crime-and-terrorists" vote, and I suppose Frankie could put those votes in play and steal from Sen. McCain. It really depends on the "1950s persona" turnout with this.

I did mention those certain friendly voting agencies, right?