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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Word of Hope (or Audacity) from the NAAHSA and the Transylvanian-American Alliance

Well, we haven't heard a peep or scream from these guys in a while! Our old friends at the NAAHSA, in official evil concert with the Transylvanian-American Alliance and the Anti-Ethicality League. That third one's new, and I haven't talked to any of their representatives personally, but I'm sure they'll pop up soon.

A Joint Message from the NAAHSA, TAA, and AEL:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ensouled-Americans,

We, as always wish you a very Happy and Safe All Hallow's Eve, as you always celebrate every year alongside us an And we stand shoulder to shoulder-spike with our fellow creatures. In the light and out of it. Some of us even produce our own light, even if it is faintly smelling of brimstone.

That is why our groups, who seriously don't always agree on everything and are certainly differently interested groups must unite and tell all of our endorsement this election.

Humunity and Unhumanity are in financial peril. You might think we only make our money on costumes, scented candles, lawn ornaments, and those useless fruits you call pumpkins (all considered recession proof), but many of us have jobs in the service industry and many more will be reaching the workforce in the coming years. We need security like all Americans do, as we all know there is one America.
From many levels of hell, one Hell.

That is why this new man on the world stage is the right man for the time, even if you cannot see him. For perhaps he was an Invisible Man to many, but forever his visions have stayed clear. And he can bring hope and change for us all.

Maybe he's abstract. Maybe he's the abstraction. Yet aren't abstractions what the great idea men behind liberty and happiness wanted? What they fought for and died for?

Abstraction: that is why we support Barack Obama in 2008, for President of the United States of All America. Because if he weren't abstract, he'd be undead.

Thank you,
Rev. Lucifer
Newly Elected Head of the National Association against the Adversity of Hell-Spawned Americans

Vlad Blagojevich
Newly Elected Head of the Transylvanian-American Alliance

Vegetable of the Anti-Ethicality League

Well, aren't they just little rays of hope and change? Remember, readers: I, in no way, endore the message of this letter. Nor do I endorse their political endorsements. I, in fact, endorse Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and that's final.

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