Eaglie's Aviary

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why I Support One, Not Just NOT Support the Other

A lot has been made of my support for Obama-Biden. That I just am against McCain-Palin and especially Palin who is a bitch anyway. But I am going to deny this: I don't just not support the one ticket: I support the other ticket of Whathisname-and-Whathisorhername. They speak to my upbringing.

Ever the "tweedy professor," but to take that a step further, Obama is the Indiana Jones-type professor, the type young Millenial girls sign up for classes with, just to sigh while barely passing the class. But instead of going on scary jungle and desert missions to recover lost artifacts, he goes on scary missions to avoid showing an opinion in the Senate. Oh, you maverick.

Speaking of mavericks, there's Sen. McCain who has begun to show weaknesses in his once unbeatable political package by looking like an idiot who doesn't understand anything about the economy. Of course, so goes Congress as well. In fact, he's PART of Congress. In fact, both candidates are part of Congress!

Making them both idiots about the economy according to my previous statements.

I am not hopeful, it seems, nor am I putting country first. But so my pendulum swings.