Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, October 05, 2008

There's Always Next Curse (2008)

This is what happens when you mess with magiks you don't understand, Billy Goat Sianis. Your nephew can't rescue the Cubs. No amount of goat sacrifices/seats can save us. Maybe the Cubs have to break the curse by moving away from the former Indian burial grounds we call Wrigley Field. The Cubs supposedly will never win a Series there, and maybe it's time to move.

Or maybe it's time to forget about curses and let them pass away into forgotten lore. They say magic dies when imaginations forget about the spells. You hear that, Mark DeRosa? Maybe we just need to turn our backs on it all, even the Cubs, the true source of the curse.

But who's lying? We will never do that. Because we love them too much, and in our hearts we know it's just God trying to avoid Armageddon, for the sake of everyone. Maybe it's a good thing.

Or maybe it just is meant to hurt. So to end this NLCS HuntWatch, I have something less magical, more steampunk, the Internet:

Can't be found? Perhaps Cubs.com is forgotten? Seems fitting.