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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the True Spirit of Politics

Like Charlie Brown and Linus, I thought my childhood was shattered. Honorability and respecting ones' opponents was on the rise, bloated bureaucracy wasn't even showing up in the patch, and law-bending politicians were whiffing on every commercial punch. But all this feel-good, hope-and-change, non-partisan-maverick hooey, be damned! Bring on the felons!

NY Times Quote: Mr. Stevens can serve in here is the the Senate as a convicted felon. Only a two-thirds vote of expulsion by the Senate could remove him if he does not resign.

That's the federal government we grew up with. None of these curfews or razor blades in our prison food: we can all feel safe to go out and run for Congress again, even with the maniacs all dressed in robes and wigs or as trial lawyers. All thanks to Sen. Stevens.

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