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Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm Sick, the Cubs Are Down 0-2, and the Two Might Be Related

Thankfully I never lost my lunch once, but that might have been because I have no appetite to eat anything to throw up.

I saw the game on Wednesday through a chain link fence out on Sheffield Ave. One guy was selling Miller Lite out of his backpack, another was trying to dump his "watchin' crates" off on unsuspecting people, and one guy tried to cheer up the crowd with a back-and-forth conversation of his two impressions: Harry Caray and Steve Stone.

Thursday's game was watched in a bar with a ton of people in suits and non-baseball paraphernalia. They were a boring bunch, so I tried to spice it up with my own Harry Caray-Steve Stone impressions (by groaning incomprehensibly and then railing against Dusty Baker). Then I saw the young professionals were paying more attention to the Biden-Palin debate, and I realized it was too late for them. These people couldn't show emotion about sitting on a nuclear device, let alone a sports team.

So I sacrificed them all. That should break at least TWO of the Cubs' curses.



I think I have an ulcer. this is definitely related to the Cubs
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