Eaglie's Aviary

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Consider Blog Action Day Two Days Unfinished!

I didn't even get to the part where the economy crashes and burns, and the protagonist $700 Billion puts out all those fires!

No, I don't feel like finishing it NOW. Haven't you read enough of me to know I don't finish what I start? It's like the 43 Rubick's Cubes I've bought... all reds solved, but nothing else.

But I do have some stock market advice to give:

Isn't the NASDAQ more important than the Dow Jones anyway? When did I start caring about trade futures that involved steel, coal, and sweat, instead of silicon, really? I'm Generation Wireless, a Millenial, damn it!

I'd say invest in plumbing right now. Or plumbing licenses, so I hear. Help make sure Joe the Plumber reaches that $250,000 tax bracket, and so Sen. McCain wasn't lying!

Pizza boxes can help in these hard times. And, apparently, social networking sites. Both can provide homes and friends, once you've hollowed them out and lowered your standards (of living or otherwise).

Apparently they've greenlighted a Wall Street 2. Hard times call for hard sequels. Also, irony?

I mean, really: invest in irony. Those futures are heading WAY up.

And such a surprise: World of Warcraft doesn't care. It's not affected. They're raking in at the auction houses, and the death knight boom might never end! Invest now!

No matter how bad it gets, we'll be fine, really. And we're still richer than the rest of the world.

And if the Internet and the Aviary really do go down, you'll be able to read the new paper-based Aviary every day, if you come to my apartment and take the notebook from under my bed REAL quietly.