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Monday, October 20, 2008

Conservatives Jump Ship

First came George Will. A few days ago, National Review columnist Chris Buckley, son of intellectual conservative folk hero William F. Buckley and now former National Review columnist.

Then, the Chicago Tribune, which has always endorsed Republicans, never Democrats. When the stats came out, I was sure they were wrong. They HAD to have endorsed a Democrat at some point in their history. Barry Freakin' Goldwater was a Republican, for God's sake: how could they support him?

My fact checks proved the media outlets right: Goldwater was planning on dropping a nuclear device on Vietnam, strapped to the Statue of Liberty (the Freedom Bomb). And the Tribune endorsed this sacrifice.

Now, (as in yesterday) former secretary of state, general, and black Republican Colin Powell left the side of his former Vietnam buddy to support his [deleted], Sen. Barack Obama. Immediately, the questions of the general's patriotism and racial tendencies came on the line. ("COLIN POWELL'S BLACK?! I NEVER KNEW!" you might ask.)

Yes, not everyone's backflipped off USS McCain-Palin: God bless you, Rush Limbaugh. God bless you and your unserving loyalty to a man you railed against and said would not support for the presidency.

So that's where we stand. The quote-unquote intelligent conservatives are leaning toward Obama, the quote-unquote loco conservatives are voting for Palin McCain, and the rest of the world is watching and is probably needing something to hide all the wrinkles once this is done.



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