Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC Update 2008: "Update" and "2008" Rhyme, So Let's Hope the Honeymoon Never Ends

Even though I swore off listening to Sen. Lieberman (whose voice could put an air raid siren to sleep), I still managed to hear him, all due to the reshuffling of the RNC schedule due to a hurricane that was due to hit New Orleans but instead went due west. Only a few Caribbean islands were crushed, so the GOP rejoiced, and Lieberman allowed them to get to bed early (in their seats).

The Medal of Honor recipients were "honored" last night. They were asked to stand and were promptly given a standing ovation, making the standing effort seem in vain. Veterans were on everyone's minds last night, and John McCain was counted among them thoroughly (while being very absent from the audience). I suspect Republicans are using McCain's war record as distraction now, while they attempt to whisk Gov. Palin's daughter Bristol away to a secret island where she can NOT look 17, unwedded, and suspiciously large on Election Day. Dick Cheney, for both children's sakes, will have left the undisclosed island by then.

Barring how long her daughter lasts on the island, tonight is the ultimate test for Palin. If news media can keep their eyes off the whole family's woman parts, maybe the governor'll have a fair chance to be dragged through the mud in a non-sexist manner.