Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Dressing up as President Sarah Palin, the Scariest of All!

I saw orangish-brown maple leaves today. So, happy autumn (or Fall-O-Ween, as some corporate newswriters are calling it in Illinois), my loyal Avians and mistaken ornithologists!

Some things are normal: my Cubbies are playing inconsequential games in September again, if only until the less seasonal postseason (and there is more of that even less seasonal winning). And at least one Chicago team is breaking hearts... due to their own stupidity, the refs' amplification of that stupidity, and (it never fails) the awesome play of an ex-quarterback.

But most importantly, it's time to dust off the nests, podiums, and archaic chad jokes: we're in an election year. And I, Officer Eaglie Puppydogg XIV, am FINALLY declaring my endorsement with this final month and two weeks and one or two days of lawsuits to go.

You ready for it? You might be surprised, but you won't be spoiled--highlight the text below to find out who:

ELVIS PRESLEY-HARPO MARX: Now THERE'S a ticket with experience!

Sorry, I tease.


Yes, Senator McCain is a veteran and deserves all the respect he can lift. But veterans are not commanders per se. Torture is definitely not a reason to be president. Neither is that creepy smile-and-thumbs-up thing he has going. That, and the intelligent conservatives are jumping ship. Yes, that's an article by George Will.

Why? I believe you can ask Gov. Sarah Palin. Once a electoral battle of American generations (much like how Jack Kennedy made it into office), this dinosaur-fearing woman turned it back into a gender, racial, and ideological... ahem... race. One with terrible divisions rather than a thought of who would do better to heal wounds, the baby boomer or the Gen Xer. Now, it's the ultra-conservatives versus everyone else again, so let's hope everyone else includes everyone else.

Thus, I am going back on my original pledge not to stump for anyone... which I may or may not have said out loud. If I didn't, stomp your foot twice and wink, then forget that I ever mentioned this. (I am not in the habit of flip-flopping.)

Barack Obama '08.