Eaglie's Aviary

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden His Time

I have been quiet about the vice presidential media blitz Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama created. First, we were going to learn about it via text message (which everyone above the age of 30 thought was weird and which I promptly ignored). Speculation hit the ground running. Then, the Associated Press told us.

It's going to be Joe Biden, a man with a thousand cheerful name puns available for signs (see my headline), a man with a dorky haircut, and a man who is very much not Hillary Clinton.

What this will mean to the race is that Obama has chosen a white man with a lot of credentials but who is still a white man--a slap in the face to everyone out there who wanted him to pick someone more himself: in other words, an Obama-Hallway Mirror ticket. Obama deliberately disappointed those supporters' narcissistic dreams.

What does this mean for Democratic Party, the coming Obama administration, and the world? Again, think of the signs!