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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hu's a Great Straight Man

Bush is up to date on his classic comedy routines that everyone in the entire U.S. has already made a joke about over the past five years. Truly a lame duck, fried and served with Won Ton Soup.

Oh wait! It was that blog that made the lame, out-of-date joke. Not Mr. Bush. I apologize to him and his staff fully. And for mixing Hu up in this.

(From Oddly Enough.)

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Hey, thanks for linking to the Hu's on First? item I wrote for my Oddly Enough blog. Please come back often, and bring your friends.

best regards,
Bob Basler
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Anyone who posts a picture of Tina Fey in a tight black blouse and short yellow skirt is quite fine with me, whatever he so chooses to post. RAWR.

Andy didn't, so I removed his comment.
I apologize: MID-LENGTH skirt.
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