Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Obama Generation?

Stew it around in your mouth, on your tongue for a while: "Obama Generation." Now take a shot, preferably 100 proof. This article calls us that.

Oooooooh, you might say, Eaglie's coming after Obama again. Maybe, maybe not. I'm not picky about who I go after, though I'd definitely not want to come after Big Brown.

Okay, in retrospect, a joke about a loser horse named "Big Brown" might not sit well talking about race, gender, and fairness. And the joke barely made sense ANYWAY, so let's call the whole thing off.

Are we ready to crown a new era after one man? Even the greatest like Lincoln, FDR, and Kennedy didn't get their own eras. Only Washington might count for that (Washingtonian), and that's seldom spoken even by the most crotchety of historians...

Shucks! I think I'm being a little overly thoughtful tonight! I should fix that. TO THE FAILBLOG ARCHIVES!