Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick: Has Anyone Used the Headline "Obama's Wright" Yet?

Another day, another complaint about Obama.

You might notice I've been hard on my home senator who I eagerly lent aid and Molotov cocktails to in 2004. I don't know if it's due to any fault of his...

Well, yes, maybe it is. Here I am enjoying the antics and statements by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Obama has to deny them all! I mean, at first there was this whole thing of "responsibility" and "understanding generational differences." Now there are flat-out denials.

Yes, open condemnation is the only way to distance oneself from a loud-mouthed black preacher (watch the Al Sharpton-Pat Robertson commercial for proof of that), but at a certain point, the entertainment factor must be considered. Barack, you have the most entertaining pastor of any of your opponents at the moment. Why lose that advantage?

Or maybe I'm just a cynic looking for a good time.