Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shortchanging the World on my Endorsement

After winning pretty much every primary I've paid attention to (save New Hampshire). So has John McCain (save Iowa--"save Iowa"... that's a weird phrase. I don't think I'll utter it ever again).

So at this point, my Super Tuesday predictions are correct. McCain can't lose at this point, and Obama seems to be winning where it counts by hammering down his message of change (change this; change that; change the baby for once, honey).

I don't particularly want to give an endorsement this election cycle. Andy likes Obama and I hate Hillary, so we're pretty sure where we'll put our eggs (Hillary's front porch).

However, again, I don't want to endorse. Last time I did, I endorsed John Kerry (enough said). So to avoid that, I just start right now with an endorsement: hugs. Everyone, if you read this, go hug someone right now. Maybe it'll change the world.