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Friday, October 05, 2007

Still Believing--a Cubs Fan Never Drops the "G"

So we lost yesterday. And the day before. We're still in it for at least one more game, and it'll be epic.

Speaking of epic and speaking of the Latin Andy blogged about yesterday, there was a class a few weeks ago involving these things:

One person in the class, while the professor was lecturing, blurted out that the Cubs were winning. The professor said, "Well, isn't that what's important in life?" A few moments of silence and another student said, "The Cubs are LIKE an epic. They even have their own brooding hero." (That would be Zambrano.) Someone then asked the immortal question, "Who stole Lou Pinella's wife then?"

Because of this series, we have an answer: the Arizona Diamondbacks. Time to write The Dbackiad.

Every son of Arizona will die because of you, Stephen Drew.

Now put that in dactylic hexameter.