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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Like Golorado Rockies

Next time when a team wins the National League pennant, can they get a better logo? "CR" slightly overlapping? Or is that a "G"?

You are shaking your head, "Your team only has a 'C' for a logo. Boston only uses a 'B.' You guys suck, too."

But you would be wrong and would not know a thing about the evolution of the Cubs, Boston, Detroit, or any other major league team of substantial history: we were there first. Which I suppose is a source of bitterness as we again move into the baseball season, and I make my annual switchover to Bears gear. Hey, they have a "C," too!

Chicago is again missing the sounds of bats mixed with the roaring fans and paper beer cups. Instead Cubs and White Sox fans reunite like Civil War brothers for football. The former enemies get to watch the mediocre Bears, some of whom are having trouble finding their own helmets, let alone opposing running backs.

I am numb to our losses. I go into an automatic routine in October: I fold up my hats, shirts, and my big blue-and-red claw neatly in my "Cub-board," which is something all of you should have. The Trib's selling them for half off right now. Buy them up before Mark Cuban does.

My dad's even more into the routine. He and Ron Santo were sighing before I was. And don't gloat if you hate the Cubs. I know it's bad enough to be known as "the-team-that's-not-the-Cubs" fans.

I also tire of dominance by teams no one cares about. The Diamondbacks and Rockies? More Cubs fans showed up to the divisional series in Arizona than home team fans. If the Cubs (a big "if") had won the series there, the stadium would have been overturned and in flames like a Toyota at a Chicago Bulls championship celebration.

Oh, right. No White Sox fans would've been there to see the property damage through.

No, I don’t want the Rockies to win, just like I didn’t want the Diamondbacks to win. I rooted once for the Diamondbacks in 2001 only because I like to watch the Yankees suffer. I promise that will never happen again. I never EVER want to see the Marlins win again, but that’s a different story. Thank God the Devil Rays are still worthless.

But anyway, congratulations to the Rockies: as my friend Geandily from Colorado said eloquently, "w00t world series for a town that doesnt care about baseball W00T!"

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