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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Cubs Game Live Updating...

Today, I'm gonna try it a little differently. All updates will be in THIS post, in updates at the end, not in new posts. This style will keep you guys reading the updates in order, rather than just reading the newest one first.

First, a few thoughts: I hate TBS. Baseball is not meant to be played on cable, especially at 9pm. Actually, baseball shouldn't even be on TV, but that's the reactionary in me talking. Also, all they can talk about is the Cubs being a "big contract, big name" team. I kinda hate them.

Currently they're showing the Cubs' highlights: the Zambrano-Barrett brawl and Lou Pinella kicking dirt. Okay, those are good. TBS can stay for tonight.

UPDATE: Zambrano's first pitch kinda sucked. C'mon, sir. Settle down. You can punch Barrett in between innings if you need to.

UPDATE: YES! Two strikeouts! Excellent, Big Z! Also, if you (the reader) came here for unbiased coverage, you came to the wrong place. You didn't? Well then.

UPDATE: Big Z, we love you in Chicago, but you don't help the sausage clogs in our hearts at all.


UPDATE: As Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano, and all the Diamondbacks can attest, the strike zone for this ump probably includes the batter's big toe.

UPDATE: And that would include actually HITTING the toe.

UPDATE: Don't lose your cool, Zambrano! It's just one run! Also, you can beat Drew up in the parking lot if you want.

UPDATE: Commercials are good. Lotsa Sonic commercials with TJ and his partner, and now a Pinella commercial for Aquafina? He throws third base! I gotta drink that water now!

UPDATE: Still adding to my heart disease, Big Z. But nice job hitting it that hard.


UPDATE: So close to Zam(brano) being able to give himself the lead! But hey, good job anyway, guys! We're back in it!

UPDATE: My TBS station really DOES have a lot of Chicago-based commercials. Diversey bowl just made an appearance. TJ and the Passions have made quite a few more appearances. As for the baseball, it's alright.

UPDATE: Pinella's out to the mound for the first time tonight. And it wasn't for Zambrano. Go figure.

UPDATE: That Diamondback rattle they play on the speakers in Arizona? That really sounds like cicadas.

UPDATE: The final score: 3-1, Diamondbacks. Those TBS announcers had it out for the Cubs! Apparently, we're a team full of overpaid veterans who have all won World Series before and so the Diamondbacks deserve this! Cubs nation, let's do ourselves a favor: next game, we mute the TV and turn on the radio. CHICAGO radio. Ron Santo and Pat Hughes FTW!