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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Anno Catuli!

Also, here's something I learned from the Tribune. Use this picture for reference (taken from BleedCubbieBlue.com, without permission... I hope they don't mind. Seems like a nice guy over there, so maybe he won't put up nets blocking my readers' views over the bleachers).

"Eamus Catuli" means, roughly and apparently in only a very skewed way, "Go Cubs!" AC006198 has multiple meanings. "AC" is a reference to the Gregorian calender's "AD" or "Anno Domini" ("Year of Our Lord"). "AC" means "Anno Catuli" or "Year of the Cubs." The numbers mean as follows: the first two digits, "00," just changed from "03" to say how many years it's been since the Cubs have won the division. The "61" is how long since the last pennant. The "98" is the horrendous number... it's how many years since the Cubs have won the World Series.

One might ask, isn't it 99 years since the last Cubs' World Series? This season, it is, but it really depends if you're counting the current year or not. It's like the 2000 v. 2001 Millenium debate: no one's gonna win and everyone's an asshole for arguing about it.